Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section we will solve some of the most frequently asked questions that you may raise before ordering your custom bust.

Here you will find the most frequent answers to the doubts that usually appear when ordering your sculpture.

Sizes, payment methods, materials, procedures and creation processes… All this we will try to explain to you to clear any questions you have and thus order your personalized bust with total confidence.
¿Por qué hacer un busto?
During the time I have been in this world many people have given me their reason for having a bust of their loved one. Most are mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandparents who want to forever capture that face of their child or grandchild from when they were young or at a certain age. Another very important part of people, they want to keep in mind that loved one that they have lost. All of them have conveyed to me an inexplicable feeling. They don’t get tired of looking at that bust, and it comforts them and they feel better. Something much more intense than when they look at a photograph.
¿Cómo sé que el busto se parecerá al original?
The resemblance is granted, either by interpreting photographs or by 3d digitised. In any case we will send you photographs of the bust process so that you are the one who gives us the final Ok, only then will we finish the work.
¿Hay que pagar el Busto por adelantado?
Payment is made twice. The first payment is made when the order is made, always after having spoken to us, having received the photographs and accepted the delivery time. The rest will be paid when the client of the Ok to the sculpture, still in the process of carving by the sculptor.
¿Que material elegir?
If it is to place the interperie, it is always better to be bronze per cast. This is made with cast bronze and filling the mold. It is not completely solid, is usually about 1 cm thick and is very heavy. It’s like what we see in gardens and parks. It’s the high-end bust. If it’s indoors, it depends on your taste. The wooden one is warm and special. The resin is beige, it looks great in any environment. As it is perfect, and if you are an artist and you dare you can give it patinas and decorate it to your liking. Then there are the resin shears with metal baths, they are metal baths such as bronze, copper, gold or silver. With different finishes, which make the bust with more or less contrasts and that is aged or not. This bathroom makes it sturdy and the finish is exactly the same as it would have if it were for casting. In fact it does not come to weigh as much as the cast bronze. If you are bold and want something different you can opt for resin with special paints, we have the graphite effect, the chrome effect and the titanium effect. They give a modern and casual touch to your bust and an original and very beautiful finish.
¿Es mejor hacer el busto enviando fotografía o por digitalizado 3D?
When there is the possibility to scan, it is the best porceso, since it is faster and needs fewer corrections by the customer to be the greater resemblance. Digitization is suitable for people 10 years and older, as you have to stay a few minutes without moving. The scan used is light, so it is harmless, it is not suitable for epileptic people due to the flicker of light. The method through photographs is indicated when for any reason you can not or do not want to digitize the person or when it is our pet. We must provide a forehead, profile photograph and one in perspective all must have the same expression and hair. It does not serve one with an open mouth and one closed, one serious and one smiling, or with short hair and one with long hair.
¿Está incluido el desplazamiento para la digitalización en el precio?
The price indicated is to digitize from photography or if the customer moves to our offices in Alicante. If we have to move we charge the trip at the rate of 2 euros the kilometer counting only the one way.
¿Cuanto tiempo se tarda desde que confirmo el busto hasta que lo tengo en casa?
The average term is 2 months. But we will confirm that when you contact us, as it depends on the workload at that time. It also depends on the changes you make to the bust when it’s sculpted.
¿El precio incluye cambios en el busto por parte del cliente?
The price includes subtle changes that the sculptor has not perceived in the photograph and make them more like the original. It does not include large changes that were not or appreciated in the photographs. Although we are open to any customer proposal and would make it at the tightest possible price, which we would add to the one indicated in the price section.
¿El precio incluye los portes y el IVA?
The price is with shipping included for the whole peninsula. VAT is not included in the price. This will appear in the budget we will make for you.
¿Que tamaño elegir?
You can choose the size you like. Half the size they ask the most. It looks good to place in any corner of the house and is more manageable. At full size it is ideal to place it in a garden or anywhere outside, otherwise it will look small. A smaller size of half comes out at the same price as half, so we don’t advise it. You can also make a larger size than the real one, from this you will have to calculate the price according to the desired size.

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