Although we specialize in Custom Busts, we also have extensive experience in other services.
BustosOtros Servicios
We are a company whose specialty is busts at very high quality. Formed by a group of people with a lot of experience in the world of sculpture. Silvia is the manager, Antonio is the collaborator, the person in charge of the digitization processes in addition to the coordinator of all the phases through which our internal and external projects go through. Thomas Dyprat is our sculptor, basic pillar of the company, since without our company could not exist as such. He has a recognized and prestigious career in the world of reborn. He with his hands and tools sculpts the mechanized bust and achieves an amazing resemblance to the person or pet in question and making it a faithful reproduction also be an ART WORK
In our workshop we have the latest machines as well as the best professionals.
We can produce from very detailed minuscule parts to large machining.

Y ahora te explicamos todo lo que podemos hacer por tí

You’ve seen our facilities, now you’ll see a small sample of everything we’re able to design and create for you
Of course our flagship product… Custom Busts